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Rough text, will be modified and expanded on soon.. and rewritten in English..

Player Costing Values

Each Hunter costs 101 to play (100 is refunded if the player is on a bank/spawn square for more than 2 blocks)

Each Move costs a fraction of a HUC, starting at 0.001 (need to verify) and increases based on transaction size.

Each Destruct costs 1 HUC. A Destruct is an area of affect (AoE) attack which will kill enemies within range. The radius of the destruct is 2 squares (if you include the centre square you are standing on).

Aim of the Game

1. Walk over coins on the map and then take them to a bank.

2. Kill other hunters. If you kill another hunter, your hunter will have a value of 200 instead of 100. 300 if you kill another, and so on. If your Hunter is a 100 Valued, you will die if you are attacked. If your Hunter is 200 value and you are attacked (and you do not also attack at the same time / same block) you will go down to 100.


To start

Assuming you are fully synced and the Unity Client is connected to the Daemon or the QT :

The First thing to do is change some settings in the Unity client. In the Overview Tab, click Alarm Settings - Tick Alarm for : If connection to server lost, and When Enemy Detected. In Square Size, I would recommend something like 5 in there. Also tick Enable Audio Alert. Press Ok

Make sure you have at least 120 HUCs in your wallet. 101 HUCs will be used to create a hunter and the rest will be used for movement and destructs. And make sure you have a backup of your wallet.

1. Click the Hunter Tab in the Unity Client 2. Click +New Hunter

Hunter Creation

3. Enter a name with alphanumeric characters only, and a maximum of 10 characters. Select a colour and press ok.

Hunter Config

4. Wait for your Hunter to spawn. If there is a sillouette it means your hunter is pending creation - this can take 1 or 2 blocks.

Pending Spawn

5. When the Silhouette has changed to a Hunter you are good to go. Double click the Hunter to centre the map onto it.

When you first spawn you will see a number on your Hunter in Red. Starting at 0 and increasing incrementally every block. While you have this number, you are invulnerable. You must also move before it reaches 4 or you will enter what is called spectator mode, which means you are no longer able to move and will be a ghost for a few more blocks.

To Move, select the hunter from the right and click on the map to set a path / waypoint. You can hold Control + Click the mouse to create multi waypoints.


Once you have set your destination, press Go.

The path / line will then go purple, as will the border of the hunter in the window which lists your Hunters (as in the screenshot above). Purple means Pending. While pending you cannot do anything as your transaction is pending. You will need to wait until this goes into a block before you can do anything else with this particular Hunter.

While we are at this point - Here is a list of what the border colours mean around your Hunters :

Green = Ready Blue = Moving Purple = Pending Yellow = Queued WP but have not pressed Go Red = Queued Destruct

Actual Line Colours on the map are whatever your Hunters colour are unless pending (then purple) or yellow (queued, sometimes white depending on version).

If your or other Hunter has a red circle around them, it means they are pending a Destruct (so be careful if it is not yours).

7. As stated earlier, the aim is to collect coins. So walk over coins to collect them. If you click your hunter(s) you will see how many coins they are carrying. Don't be confused with the 100 number above your hunters head which is your Hunters Value (in PvP), and similar to Health points. Although 100 is more like 1 Health Point. 200 is 2 Health points. A Destruct does 1 Health Point damage you could say. (see the top of this page for more info)

8. Enemies in Range - In the Unity Client you will see the background of the Hunter you created will turn Red if an enemy is within range (as defined in the settings).

Enemy Range

To Destruct and enemy in an adjacent square or on the square you are on, select your Hunter and press destruct. You will gain a red circle around your Hunter which means that you have a destruct pending transaction. When the Destruct Enters the chain the circle will disappear, and any Hunters of a different colour (even if your own), that are in range, will be killed, and you will have increased your Hunters value. If the enemy also performed a destruct then they will cancel each other out, assuming they both go in the chain at the exact same time.

Destructing requires some timing to get right. Especially if you are moving. You need to assume that your destruct may go in the next block or the one after.

9. Banking - To cash out collected coins which will appear in your wallet, move your hunter to a spawn tile which encircles the coin spawn areas. As soon as you walk on a spawn tile you will bank any looted coins. If you stay still on the tile for longer than 1 block you will despawn and your Hunters value will be returned to you (Default is 100, but can be more if you have killed in PvP).

You can also do the Same thing with Red Stars.

Notes / Tips :

You may notice that some coins are ghosted. This happens closer to blocks xxx500 . When Block xxx500 is reached all coins will become unghosted.

There is a button called "UPDATED" in the Hunters Tab. This is a very important button. If you click this, it will check the memory pool for transactions / moves that are pending. Useful for checking what your enemies are doing. If you do not click this, you will not see enemy pending moves unless a block has just been and their move is still pending (it checks for pending each block), or if a block has not come in for 1 minute.

On the Map is a Crown, aka The Crown of Fortune. If you have this item, you will receive 0.25 HUC per block, and you will also be able to carry an unlimited amount of looted coins. The Limit without the crown is 100 HUCs

Console commands: to create a hunter using console or daemon: example: name_register playername ‘{“color”:1} to move: example: name_update playername ‘{“0”:{“wp”:[10,10,15,15]}} for a more detailed explanation please check the forum.

use the help function to see a list of commands